350 More Ford GT Supercars are Going into Production

Ford GT - Westland, MI

In 2016, Ford set the high-end car market into a frenzy as thousands of discerning buyers attempted to secure one of the 1,000 second-generation GTs that were slated for production. However, due to the limited number of GT models issued, only 1,000 lucky consumers got to bring home one of these sleek, speedy rides.

Back in November, however, Ford announced it will extend production into 2022, releasing an additional 350 GT models onto the market for prospective owners to buy. During the first run of the second-generation Ford GT applications for purchase outstripped the available stock by over six-to-one and demand has only increased.

Hermann Salenbauch, director of Ford Performance, expressed pride at extending the GT series for customers. “By extending the Ford GT production run for a limited period, we’re able to maintain the exclusivity of the ultra-desirable supercar while offering the ownership experience to a greater number of customers.”

The performance history for the Ford GT speaks for itself with famous racing victories at LeMans, as well as other races. By producing an additional 350 second generation GTs and bringing the total to just 1,350, Ford maintains the ultra-exclusive nature of the supercar while making the model accessible for more consumers.

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