The New Ford Focus ST is Getting an EcoBoost Engine

Ford Focus ST | Westland, MI














The Ford Focus ST is an appealing option for drivers who crave peppy, sophisticated performance. Recent news reveals that the new Ford Focus ST will be even more appealing thanks to a powerful 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. This is the very same EcoBoost engine that powers the Ford Mustang, with a slight detuning that keeps the output a little more modest at 276 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque.


In addition to its new and impressive powertrain, the new Ford Focus ST will offer an electric limited-slip differential for the first time, and even include it as a standard feature. This feature will improve performance by detecting when the wheels slip. If slipping is detected, it shifts power to where it’s needed to maintain a firm grip on the road.


The Ford Focus ST will also be offered with an available Performance Package, a must-have addition if you’re looking to get the most from your car. The package includes red brake calipers in the front and rear, adaptive dampers that adjust suspension depending on the drive mode, launch control, and a Track mode.


Unfortunately, the new Ford Focus ST is not currently expected at U.S. dealerships. Hopefully it comes to U.S. showrooms soon. Until then North Brothers Ford can help you find the right model for you from our excellent selection.