Ford Connectivity Technologies To Optimize Your Commute

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Sometimes, it seems like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, and a long commute can zap even more of your valuable time. Luckily, Ford connectivity technologies transform your commute into one of the most productive periods of the day. With smartphone integration and easy access to things like Amazon shopping and real-time navigation, Ford technology will change the way you think about your commute forever.

Ford + Alexa

Equipped with Ford + Alexa technology, your Ford vehicle gives you intuitive access to all of your favorite Amazon Alexa features — whether you’re navigating city traffic or getting away from it all for the weekend. You can even use this technology to make Amazon Prime orders and have packages delivered right to your car.

Smartphone connectivity

Thanks to Ford SYNC® AppLink® with voice-control, you can easily and safely use all of the smartphone apps you depend on every day, all while you commute. Whether it’s social media, music, or news, AppLink® helps you stay seamlessly connected at all times.

Ford & Waze

With the SYNC® 3 infotainment system, you’ll have access to Waze, a unique, crowd-sourced navigation technology that lets you outsmart traffic by using real-time information from other drivers, so you’re always one step ahead of jams, accidents, and detours that could slow you down.

You can learn more about the latest Ford technologies at North Brothers Ford.