Electric F-150 Prototype Hauls 1 Million Pounds

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Electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, so no one was surprised when Ford made it clear that it would be developing an all-electric model of the Ford F-150. However, what was surprising was how soon the company demonstrated the electric truck’s potential capability.

Earlier this summer, Ford released a video of the F-150 chief engineer, Linda Zhang, operating an all-electric F-150 prototype. In the video, Zhang shows off the truck’s towing capabilities by hooking up 10 decker car rails plus 42 other Ford F-150 trucks. In a brief demonstration of extraordinary power, the electric Ford F-150 prototype manages to haul all of the items, which collectively weigh more than 1 million pounds.

It’s quite an impressive feat, but Ford makes it clear that their electric F-150 prototype has capabilities that far exceed what would be possible in production versions of this truck.

Still, Ford and Zhang herself assure us that, though the ultimate towing capacity may be less than 1 million pounds, it’ll still be a remarkably strong, Built Ford Tough truck — one that’s sure to exceed the expectations of the modern truck driver.

Ford has yet to announce when the all-electric F-150 will go into production, but a hybrid version of America’s favorite pickup truck will be in production by next year.

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