Make Your Ford Truck Off-Road Ready with These Kits

2019 Ford Ranger | Westland, MI














A highlight of owning a truck is having the ability to take it off the beaten path and have some fun exploring new places where you wouldn’t otherwise drive. Ford is adding to its customization options by offering off-road leveling suspension kits for F-150 and Ranger trucks. These kits are available through Ford Performance Parts. At North Brothers Ford in Westland, we would be more than happy to install them for you.


The kits cost $1,495 before installation and are compatible with the 2019 Ford Ranger 4×4 and any 4×4 F-150 from 2015-2019. New FOX shocks with more effective cooling, front coilover springs with optimal rates, a 2-inch front lift, and upper front mounts built to reduce noise and vibrations all work together to turn your truck into an off-road behemoth.


The off-road kit increases the 2019 Ranger approach angle by 21 percent and ups the breakover angle by 10 percent. The Ford F-150 sees a 22 percent increase in approach angle and 7 percent for the breakover. The increased angles made possible by the kits make it much easier, safer, and better for your truck to drive on rocky, uneven surfaces. Also, consider the new FX2 package for the 2019 Ranger, which extends those off-road capabilities to rear-wheel drive trucks.