Ford Spreads the Joy of Education with the STEAM Machine

Ford recently unveiled its STEAM Machine, a specially designed Transit XL built to celebrate National STEAM Day. STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math, is an acronym commonly used to signify initiatives for kids to excel in these areas. That includes getting students excited about future careers as scientists, engineers, authors, artists, and inventors.

The Ford STEAM Machine builds on the legacy of the automotive brand as an innovator, as this Transit Van is specially designed as a mobile science lab. Partnering with the Henry Ford Museum, the creators of the STEAM Machine built the van with games that focus on ideas such as kinetic energy, the laws of motion, basic chemistry, and more. Dr. Kate Biberdorf, also known as Kate the Chemist, helps to make these projects more engaging.

“One of my favorite things about collaborating with Ford is that they understand the importance of exposing children to science, all while giving back to our community,” said Biberdorf. “Their STEAM Machine allows kids to experience science in such a fun way — they don’t even realize they are learning!”

The STEAM Machine made its way across the country for last year’s LA Auto Show, and it’s still in action around the country making STEAM-related initiatives more engaging.

As mentioned earlier, the STEAM Machine was built from a Ford Transit. The Transit is a versatile van that can be adapted to fit any industry. You can check one out at North Brothers Ford.

Ford STEAM Machine