Ford Patents Max Recline Seats for Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has paved the way for innovative developments, and it does so yet again with the class-exclusive available Max Recline Seats on the all-new Ford F-150. This innovative seat helps you get comfortable for a nap like never before.

Ford spent months researching what makes customers comfortable in the cabin and how they use their truck interiors in order to develop these ergonomic seats. From mockups and proofs of concept to a fully functional metal prototype, Ford engineers did what they do best in designing a seating system tailored towards its customers.

The Max Recline Seats are designed for many uses, such as a quick nap between destinations, a dry place to sleep at a campsite, or simply a place to rest during long days. With a human-centered design approach, Ford created these new seats to provide business-class comfort in the new Ford F-150.

The seats recline using a simple mechanism, lifting the back half of the seat bottom 3.5 inches while moving the upper seatback forward for both lower back and neck support. The new Max Recline Seats have been awarded five patents and will be offered on the 2021 King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited F-150 models.

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