Meet the Ford Puma ST

Ford introduced its first Ford Performance SUV to Europe last fall, and its fiery design and exhilarating power have many excited. The all-new Ford Puma ST brings athletic prowess and a premium experience in a new form. Though the Ford Puma ST probably won’t make its way to the United States, we can still marvel at this automotive wonder.

This small performance SUV brings an exciting amount of power. The Ford Puma ST shares the same 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine as the Fiesta ST, creating 197 horsepower and delivering impressive fuel economy. As the first small performance SUV offered in Europe with a limited-slip differential and Torque Vectoring Control, the Puma ST offers smooth rides and maximized performance.

When you’re looking at the Ford Puma ST, it will be hard to miss the unique Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires it sits on, which helps the Puma ST move gracefully with every turn. The new Puma ST can stand out even more in its exclusive Mean Green exterior. Along with five other color options including Desert Island Blue and Fantastic Red, the Ford Puma ST is guaranteed to turn heads and capture attention as it cruises down the streets.

You can find the rest of the Ford lineup at North Brothers Ford.

Ford Puma ST in Westland, MI