Ford Launches Usage-Based Insurance

It’s no secret that people have been driving less over the last year. In light of this, Ford is taking steps to ensure that their customers are being charged fairly for their auto insurance. This year, Ford will launch usage-based insurance options for drivers looking to improve their finances.

Initially announced back in December of 2020, this move will see Ford offer insurance based on how often a car is actually driven. Ford has already partnered with insurance companies like Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and others to offer usage-based policies, and have confirmed that more contracts have been signed.

In order for this type of insurance to work, Ford will need to acquire telematics data from your vehicle to determine how frequently you are driving. If your Ford vehicle has telematics capabilities, you will likely qualify for usage-based insurance.

“Connected vehicles present new opportunities for us to help customers save money and improve their experience with Ford products,” says director of business operations and enterprise connectivity at Ford Motor Company, Alex Purdy. “Whether customers are purchasing through Ford Insure or working with another carrier, we are committed to giving them the ability to choose the right option for themselves — and to potentially earn big discounts based on how they drive.”

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Usage-based insurance in Westland, MI